Facial Peel Treatments
The Beauty Space uses premium Skeyndor products for facial peels. One of our peels is even free of nasty parabens and sulfates, perfect for sensitive skin.


Skeyndor Dermapeel

Triple peel. Reduces the size of open pores and oil flow. Fine lines associated with aging, scarring and pigmentation. The is a unique peel as there is no down time or pain. This peel will amaze you.... Contains: Glycolic, citric acids and enzymes

Skeyndor Peel, with Radiance Mask

Free of parabens, SLS, mineral oil, lanolin, artificial colours, no animal derivatives or artificial fragrances which makes it ideal for all skin types. Contains: Fruits acids, including papaya

Skeyndor Dermaceutic Milk Peel

Ideal for the reduction of fine lines, dull complexion and skin with loss of tone. Epidermis stimulation = faster cell turnover Results from clinical trials include: 92% noticed a more luminous skin after 2 treatments 83% noticed more even and radiant skin after 3 treatments 100% found significant improvement in frown line and roughness after just 1 treatment Contains: Glycolic, lactic and salcylic acids. Not suitable if allergic aspirin

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