Spray Tanning
We are able to provide you with different types of tans that suit all skin types. Whether you have very pale skin or olive skin, we have a tan that will give you the look that you need and want. We will determine an appropriate colour for your spray tan treatment once you visit our salon. Spray tans in Bondi Junction that are available are Fantasy Tan, Naked Tan and Black Magic, 2 or 8 Hour tans. Spray tans generally last 5-7 days. Preparation before a tan: - Waxed or shaved the previous night - Freshly showered if possible on the day of the tan - No perfume, deodorant or moisturiser to be on the skin on the day of the tan - Loose dark clothing is to be worn After Care for a tan: - Don’t wet yourself until your development time has been reached i.e. 2 or 8 hour tan - Shower with shower gel not soap as it strips the tan much quicker - Apply moisturiser daily to keep colour longer - Once you want the tan to come off simply start exfoliating At HoneySpot we also have something unique for our clients which is hard to find. A shower is now available to you for clients on the go. Finished the gym? Coming straight from work? Want a wax on the same day as a tan? Well not to worry! HoneySpot Waxing and Beauty is just the place for you.


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