Oxygen Facial by Cosmedic Professionals

Oxygen Therapy facial delivers an abundance of pure oxygen gas to the skin at the cellular level, boosting collagen formation, effectively re-building the skin from inside out, a natural facelift.

The oxygen molecule is a critical element in the process of collagen formation, it is the collapse of collagen in the skin that causes fine lines and wrinkles to appear.

Your skin will feel fresh and hydrated with a renewed firmness and radiant glow, visible results are seen just after one treatment.

We recommend this treatment monthly.

Over the next 24 hours your skin will look even better as the oxygen and nutrient infusion reaches the deeper layers of the skin, restoring healthy cell metabolism and beginning the process of collagen regeneration.

With Oxygen Therapy we:


  • soothe away internal stress
  • regenerate and boost the health of every skin cell with 180 million essential nutrient particles per second.
  • increase the production and strength of facial collagen
  • offer a natural alternative to cosmetic surgery.


With an instant fresh rejuvenated skin, this treatment is a must.

Oxygen Therapy is ideal for all skin types especially:

  • Tired and dull skin
  • Photo ageing 
  • Sun damage


Oxygen Facial
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