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  Made in France

Sarmance was born on the banks of the longest river in France, obtaining its key active ingredients from grape vines.In 2013, they began working with local cosmetology laboratories specialised in the extraction of plant matter and cosmetic formulation. Inspired by previous scientific research, the team spent many months studying the active ingredients contained in organic Loire vines at their various stages of growth.

On the vine branches, they discovered the presence of active ingredients with anti-ageing benefits due to their antioxidant properties which are particularly powerful during blossoming.

The name Sarmance alludes to the French word sarment (vine shoot) and the notions of renaissance, romance and fragrance.

  Made in France

UVBIO was the first vegan & organic suncare brand to exist in France. Launched in 2016, it offers an outstanding line of suncare products that protect, hydrate and embellish your skin. UVBIO is now France's No.1 best selling Vegan suncare brand.

The sustainable approach and careful selection of natural ingredients of only the highest quality is core to UVBIO's brand policy. The mineral sun filters used in UVBIO's sunscreens are reef and ocean friendly.

There is no excessive packaging which is usually thrown away rapidly and detrimental to our environment. All UVBIO skin and sun care products are 100% natural and not tested on animals.

  Made in France

NOMINOE is a high-end beauty brand from Brittany, North-west of France, making natural and eco friendly cosmetics, suitable for sensitive skin and soothe skin redness. Brittany is a beautiful island, where you can find lots of different plants in the countryside, which are able to uncover natural beauty mystery. That’s where and how Nominoe was created.

Nominoe found the unknown gorse flower grown on the dunes and moor in Brittany, which was then introduced into their body care products, and creates a soft, poetic and sublime universe.

Using natural ingredients and respecting the environment by committed to reduce CO2 emissions, Nominoe presents you responsible, efficient and high quality cosmetics products.

  Made in United Kingdom

NATURAL & ORGANIC We believe that natural organic skincare ingredients are better for us than their synthetic alternatives. You can see the percentage of natural ingredients on the label of each product you buy from us.

ARTISAN MADE We make small batches of skincare by hand in our artisan studio in Hertfordshire, which means that your skincare is fresher when you open the bottle. Every one of our products has a person’s name on the label, and that lovely human made your product for you.

GREEN SCIENCE We choose ‘green science’, the power of plants, over the synthetic alternatives you will find in most mass produced cosmetics and toiletries. Laura and Violaine in our development team together have over 30 years experience in formulating the most effective natural products.

  Made in Australia

Our products are free from toxic chemicals including parabens, silicones, animal derivatives, colours, synthetic fragrances, harsh detergents, SLS, SLES and any other difficult to pronounce lab made ingredient you usually spot on the back of product ingredient lists.

When it comes to our natural formulations, we believe that only the very best natural ingredients will do. Our products nourish, replenish and hydrate sourcing super powers from the environment around us. We believe in nature and all the goodies stored within – we truly believe there is no need to incorporate any toxic chemicals into any of our formulations to get fantastic hair or skin. The way nature intended. ​We source only 100% Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil in local supply. ​ ​

Respecting and protecting our environment is one of the fundamental values on which our company was founded on. Our bars are formulated with zero waste. Each shampoo bar lasts twice as long as a bottle of shampoo... and the best part... we use 0% of plastic in our packaging. Now that's a clear win for the environment.