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  Made in France

Sarmance was born on the banks of the longest river in France, obtaining its key active ingredients from grape vines.In 2013, they began working with local cosmetology laboratories specialised in the extraction of plant matter and cosmetic formulation. Inspired by previous scientific research, the team spent many months studying the active ingredients contained in organic Loire vines at their various stages of growth.

On the vine branches, they discovered the presence of active ingredients with anti-ageing benefits due to their antioxidant properties which are particularly powerful during blossoming.

The name Sarmance alludes to the French word sarment (vine shoot) and the notions of renaissance, romance and fragrance.

  Made in France

UVBIO was the first vegan & organic suncare brand to exist in France. Launched in 2016, it offers an outstanding line of suncare products that protect, hydrate and embellish your skin. UVBIO is now France's No.1 best selling Vegan suncare brand.

The sustainable approach and careful selection of natural ingredients of only the highest quality is core to UVBIO's brand policy. The mineral sun filters used in UVBIO's sunscreens are reef and ocean friendly.

There is no excessive packaging which is usually thrown away rapidly and detrimental to our environment. All UVBIO skin and sun care products are 100% natural and not tested on animals.

  Made in France