Last updated 18 May 2016
Our Team

Lucila Gabriel
General Business Manager and Co-founder

Free spirited by nature, I have always dreamed of creating something of my own. However, it was only later that my entrepreneurial spark was ignited, my career originally as an accountant after graduating from Macquarie University in 2004. Enticed by the multiple Employer of Choice awards held by Ernst & Young, I started working with the leading firm as a graduate.

Although born with a mind curious about the greater commercial world, it was only after completing my post-graduate degree that I began diligently studying the rise and fall of many greats.

Constantly observing how successful businesses were built up and operated today, questions inevitably started brewing, more specifically around customer service departments and website functionality:

How can many of the big names get customer service so wrong? Why are so many leading websites so hard to navigate through? Why doesn’t anyone let me search for beauty services near me?

Then it hit me.

What if I could create a company where great customer service was paramount, where websites didn’t disappointment customers, and where businesses were genuinely supported in the beauty space? The more I thought about it, the more it made sense.

After months of extensive planning and together with a network of exquisite professionals, Beauty n Health was born.

From the stem of my initial thoughts to what you see today at Beauty n Health has taken many years of growth, adaptations and challenges- all of which I can assure has been worth it. I trust that you will find our site super easy to use, visually delightful, and enjoy the Beauty n Health customer care difference.

Welcome aboard beauties!

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Lucila is married and the proud mumprenuer of two little boys who inspire her daily (and sometimes nightly!) through this journey. She loves engaging with businesses and customers, beauty, fitness, and spending time with family. Oh and coffee – lots of coffee.


Paula oversees our marketing and online content. She has a passion for health, nutrition and taking care of her body from the inside and out. When she isn’t working at Beauty n Health, she is program managing at an international charity. In her spare time, she can be found exercising, cooking or looking after her two precious nephews. Never afraid to crack a joke, she is our resident comedian.


A rising star in our photography department, Sebastian has a natural flair for creating images. Through the lens, he aims to capture the very essence and soul of every business. As a recent UNSW graduate, in his spare time you will find his time spent on muscles or with mates.

Customer Care

As one of our front line customer contacts, Christy's priority is maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction. She also helps to create unique online profiles for each and every client. When she's not styling the webpages of Beauty n Health, Christy is busy keeping up with two teenage boys and working on other creative projects.

Graph Design

While working towards completing further studies, Julia loves to jet set around the world and explore all that it offers. When we can tie her down, she works busily at creating and collating beautiful images for our site and social media. She is passionate about all things about health, beauty and the environment.

Business Development and Marketing

Laurie brings a plethora of knowledge to Beauty n Health in the marketing and business development space. She is responsible for sharing the word about our great site, and on-boarding great businesses. Through her close relationships established with our listed business, she works round the clock to continually deliver innovative and meaningful business solutions. True to her French origins, she enjoys wine and cheese, possibly a little too much!

Business Development

Isabella is warm and friendly, yet a highly focussed professional. As a Beauty n Health devotee, she thrives on welcoming in and nurturing new business to the Beauty n Health community. Isabella is a true beauty patron; she knows all the beauty treatments under the sun, from back to front. Above all, she can spot a bad brow job from a mile away.

ICT Manager

“Houston, we have a problem.” This is a term frequently spoken in the world of programming. The solution? Tom. He is our very own IT genius and longest standing member. When it comes to Beauty n Health, the words ‘no’ or ‘not possible’ have never been uttered by him. He loves to solve any IT puzzle we may throw at him. Luckily, we are experts at keeping him on his toes and can readily quench his thirst for a challenge.


Chloe is one of the youngest, albeit one of the most valuable members of our team. To put it simply, without her our website would be almost nothing but a blank, white page. A perfect example of an industrious recruit, she works pragmatically to help our website become the best it can be. She enjoys the company of close friends and edgy sports… as long as they come without a prescription for crutches.


Amy has always had a way with words, and now brings her love for writing to Beauty n Health (along with an obsession with her pug, Pippa). Since learning to apply lipstick at age four, Amy has been passionate about the beauty industry. She has had plenty of writing and editorial experience in both traditional and digital formats. Above all, she is not shy to tell you that you’ve misplaced a comma, or could have used a better word. Get your erasers out!


Penny is a passionate naturopathic practitioner specialising in herbal medicine and nutrition. As the resident naturopath at Beauty n Health, she provides easy to follow health tips to support your path to wellbeing and a healthier you all year round. Dubbed the Chocolate Police, the team is quick to hide any evidence of sugary treats when Penny announces a visit.

Team Leader

On a mission to learn ‘anything and everything’, Jane’s proactive approach makes her our resident all-rounder. As well as being a customer service queen, she is helping run the show with her digital marketing and social media skills. When not working or studying, you will find her in a boxing class or in the midst of planning another getaway. If there’s one lesson she brings to us, it’s that the magic always happens outside your comfort zone.

Media Strategist

Spiros is part of the founding team, and takes our media to the next level with his exquisitely professional manner, charisma and insightful business planning. With an extensive background in PR and finance, he works diligently to keep Beauty n Health moving in the right direction.

In his spare time he can be seen devising fun outdoor activities for his little boys or working fervently on his fitness. He sports a beautiful and perfectly coiffed mane, so to Spiros a good week at the office always begins with a great haircut. “Beauty n Health has never disappointed me there” he says with a laugh.