Last updated 09 October 2018
Our Story

A business built on philanthropic principles

Beauty n Health was founded with the goal of making a difference, making sure we were also doing our part for the world, so we partnered with The Cildañez Organisation for Women. We engaged these women to create beautiful handmade beauty cases, so Beauty n Health customers can fill with organic products, make up, chewing gum and any other little things lying around.

So each time you treat yourself, someone on the other side of the world is also benefiting, empowering women by creating work for them to help cover basic necessities and care, for themselves and their families, creating a feel good feeling that goes both ways.

So, as you see, a gift for you is a gift for them. This is 360 T.L.C!


More about heroic women

In the Lugano district (South West of the city of Buenos Aires) which houses the largest public housing development in Argentina, lays the suburb of Cildañez. Here, a community centre and a workshop of humble beginnings, bring back hope to women born into poverty. In 2009, with funding from University of Buenos Aires (U.B.A.), Professor Ms. Mariela Cañete established a textiles workshop where she taught pattern making, design and tailoring classes to underprivileged women.


“I started with just 3 students in a 3 hour long class where we made T-shirts” says Professor Ms. Mariela. “In 2010, the project took a huge leap; many more students joined and were now learning to make swimming costumes, baby clothes and even lingerie”.The workshop started as an introductory course to Dress Making with the objective of bestowing women with basic qualifications that would allow them to obtain employment…

But the flow on effect was immense.

10 years on have seen more than 500 women qualified with 25 new self-start up business ventures.


Many of the students that attended the workshop proceeded to complete primary and secondary studies, paving the way for future professionals. This has been one of the greatest benefits, providing a myriad of opportunities, benefiting family and society as a whole, increasing self-esteem and creating a vision and possibilities for the future, which may have otherwise never existed.


Our Invitation to you

Today I invite you to help us build this program further and together; double the number of qualified women from 50 to 100 each year.

We kindly invite you to purchase any product from our range of premium European organic skin care line. Let’s join forces and see even more women come out of poverty!


All my love,

Lucila Gabriel

Co-founding Director