A word from the founder... Since I can remember I am enthusiastic about three things: Health, odors and beauty. The desire to live healthy made me an expert in nutritional and somatic questions. Blessed with a sensitive nose I could already smell the pizza place around the corner as a 2 year old. And until today I am still fascinated by the power of scents. And beauty finally does not mean to me superficial beauty that is dictated by fashion trends but rather aesthetic perfection and equilibrium. Different roads I took to dig deep into this matter: working as a curator, urban researcher and yoga teacher. As it happens I have been on the search for a healthy AND working deodorant for decades, a deodorant that does not only prevent undesired odors but also satisfies my three obsessions. There was no way around: I had to invent FINE. FINE is Italian for “end”. And this is exactly what FINE does: it finally puts an end to undesired odors from sweat that are often paired with feeling uncomfortable. And last but not least it ends your search for a clean and efficient deodorant. FINE also means “great” and “beautiful” in English of course. And that is FINE in one word! It is completely pure and free of aluminum salts, it is even eatable; it smells heavenly, where the smells does not linger to long, so that you can wear your own perfume as well. And of course it looks beautiful in your bathroom! And the best of all: it does work!

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