Top 5 Tips for starting a new skin care regime


We all know the excitement that awaits us with that twist and open of a new beauty product. For a handful of minutes, emotions are running wild through us; joy, excitement and that extreme hope for a miraculous turn-back-the-clock discovery. However, it’s not all happy-go-lucky, skip-to-my-Lou elation, as every new skin care routine also requires some accompanying sacrifices on our end.

Here are my Top 5 Tips to ensure all your dreams come true:

1. Pump in the H2O

Water is a miracle worker for skin.  It helps flush out toxins and waste products, playing a significant role in clearing up skin. Not to mention keeping it moist and plump from the inside out. 2-3 litres a day is ideal, and your skin will love you back.

2. Overdose on greens

To make sure your fruit and veg intake is adequate, stick to the 5-2 diet and nourish your skin from the inside out. This means 5 serves of vegetables plus 2 serves of fruit daily. If you are struggling to meet the quota, try blending 3 serves of veg and 1 fruit for a nutrient rich super smoothie. Cut excess sugar to avoid blood sugar level spikes which can lead to pimples.

3. Try new products on alternate days

If you went overboard on your latest shopping spree and splurged on an entire new skin care product range or two, that's great! Just don't try them all at once… If you introduce several products in your skincare routine at a time, how are you going to know which one is the miracle worker and which one you should shelve for life?

4. Minimise the amount of products in your routine

Focus daily on cleansing, toning and moisturising, for this is the ABC of a good skin care regime.

If you introduce too many products, you run the risk of your skin rebelling against you and breaking out or just not getting the expected results.

You also have the option of incorporating a serum.  Serums are very lightweight and water-based, so they sink right in, delivering active ingredients straight into your skin. We recommend the following serum.

5. Last but not least, employ plenty of patience

Don't sweat it. It can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to start to see a change in your skin, that is why it's important not to jump to any conclusions straight after you uncap for the first time. Also, if you are making the switch to natural and organic skin care products (which we highly recommend!), you will be amazed at the natural glow that awaits you, once you have given your body time to rid itself of all the toxins and chemicals from a previous range.

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Bye for now beauties,