The Natural Way To Boost Your Energy


A coffee a day (or more) may be the most popular method of getting a much needed energy boost, however, there is a more natural way and one that will work wonders for our bodies.

Iodine is a fundamental mineral for our diets. You may not know that being short on Iodine is associated with all things beauty and health:

  • Dull, brittle, receding hair
  • Uneven tone or dry skin
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Depleted energy levels and fatigue
  • Depression

Pregnant women are particularly susceptible as a deficiency could lead to stunted growth, diminished intelligence and intellectual disability for the growing baby. Ensuring an adequate intake will lead to smarter babies.  Iodine is an essential supplement for all pregnant women. Having seafood twice a week is not enough for the growing embryo.

Iodine deficiency can also lead to a sluggish thyroid resulting in a low metabolic rate combined with rapid weight gain and fatigue.

Iodine also helps remove toxins and metals from our bodies, it can help combat the fluoride overdose from our water consumption.

The main sources of Iodine are seafood, seaweed, table salt and bread. It is now mandatory for bakers to use iodised salts in bread. Obviously high levels of salt should also be avoided due to the detrimental effect on blood pressure.

Studies conducted on the last decade showed that residents across VIC and NSW have a mild to moderate deficiency, so it’s definitely something worth considering and doing something about.

Why not try a supplement sooner rather than later and watch your skin, hair and liveliness and energy levels improve?


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