Simplify Your DIY Manicure with These Easy Steps


Giving yourself a DIY manicure is a lovely way to feel pampered and polished. However, if you haven’t quite mastered the art, it can become time consuming and stressful. If you’re still practicing or you’re short of time, there are shortcuts you can take to make it easier.

  • If you’re in a rush or you’re a bit unsteady with a nail polish brush, it’s helpful to pick a nail colour which is not too bold or bright. This way, little mistakes won’t be very noticeable. Nudes, light pinks, and beige are ideal for a simple but beautiful DIY manicure.
  • Start by setting up an area where you have plenty of flat space. Keep paper towel nearby for cleaning up any spills. Make sure you also have nail polish remover and cotton tips for removing any excess polish from around your nails. File your nails to the shape that you like. Keep in mind that for the most natural-looking result, file them to the same shape they appear on your nail bed.
  • Let’s face it: your paint job might be a bit messy. To combat this without ruining your manicure, rub a small amount of Vaseline on the skin surrounding your nails. If you paint onto your skin, you can leave it to dry and rub it off when the polish on your nails has dried.  While you are painting, aim to go from the cuticle to the tip in a straight line. Paint a relatively thick stroke down the middle, following by painting polish on both sides. Most nail technicians and beauticians use this method: the more you practice, the sooner you’ll be painting like the pros.

Of course, the best manicures are done by the professionals. Not only can you sit back and relax while they pamper you, but results usually last longer than DIY manicures. To find and book a manicure service in your area, simply follow this link.

Yours in beauty,