Party Skin Survival Guide


Party Skin Survival Guide

For the time of year filled with celebrations our social diaries become full with events, catch-ups with friends and tasty food and drinks!   

Here are a few tips to get you through the weekend parties!

  • B Vitamins

Alcohol depletes many nutrients, and B vitamins are particularly susceptible because they’re water soluble and your body doesn’t store them.  B Vitamins are crucial for many vital roles in metabolism including the liver’s detoxification process! Take a vitamin B complex over the holiday season to help prevent deficiencies.

  • Alcohol free days

In moderation alcohol can have health promoting effects, as we’ve seen in the Mediterranean diet. When you have a drink your liver releases enzymes which can be beneficial, as they keep the liver primed with these detoxifying enzymes to help deal with other toxins.  However, with excessive drinking you lose the beneficial effects and nutritional deficiencies and other ill effects can arise.  So plan which party you’ll have a drink at, and have an alcohol free drink such as soda and lime at others.

  • Hydrate

In the summers months, heat and humidity, exercising and drinking alcohol can lead to problems associated with electrolyte imbalance and dehydration.  How much water you need to drink depends on factors on like your diet, age, physical activity level and weight.  So now that the temperature is heating up, make sure you top up on the H2O.    Keep a sachet of hydration salts in your handbag just in case! For a natural electrolyte replenishment add some lemon juice to your water.  

  • Facial Mist

Invest in a natural hydrating mist to keep your skin feeling hydrated and fresh.   Look for ingredients that include natural anti-inflammatory oils such as lavender to soothe and calm hot and inflamed skin.  Essential oils also offer the benefit of having a positive impact on your mood.  For a moisturising and hydrating effect, look for products that include ingredients such as aloe or vegetable glycerine.

  • Be cool as a cucumber

Cucumber is a wonderful summer vegetable because of its high water content.  Make a green smoothie with cucumber, celery and apple to hydrate and create an alkaline environment in the body. Add a little bit of Himalayan rock salt for better hydration. Cucumbers are also great for tired puffy eyes because of their astringent properties.  Put a slice of cool cucumber on each eye and lay back for 15 minutes!

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