Celebrating the launch of our Organic and Vegan beauty range


Beauty n Health is proud to announce the launch of a natural range of products, made with love, in France.

We have been scouting European beauty care products for some time now and testing them thoroughly. We have fallen in love with three French brands that pack a promise. Two of our selected brands are 98% plus plant based with our third brand 100% vegan. All our brands carry international organic certification from Europe, through ECOCERT. This certifying body conducts rigorous testing and has become well known throughout as well as providing consumers peace of mind worldwide.

The move to “clean” beauty, as it has been termed in L.A, means saying no to phalates, sulfates, petrochemicals, GMO’s and other nasties. Natural skin care in only on the way up with reported growth in the sector increasing by over 30% in the last year.

Consumers (including myself... and our team!) are tired of marketing gimmicks and simply demand transparency. We were really keen to find out in what was in our moisturiser just as we wanted to discover what was in our yogurts or snacks. And once we made the switch, there was no going back.

Our skin is the largest organ and many ingredients contained in beauty products are rapidly absorbed into the skin. It is no surprise that certain ingredients are linked to a whole range of health issues such as reproductive issues and sadly even cancers.

People often think that natural ingredients are simple or not as effective; however, some of these ingredients are the most powerful in the world. Synthetic ingredients are created as the cheaper alternative to natural ingredients manufactured in bulk, sometimes in overseas laboratories, to make the production process cost effective.

You will simply love exploring our top 3 brands from France. The textures, sun filters, natural scents and beautifying effects, all the natural ingredients and the detailed packaging come together to form a  boutique and exquisite natural care beauty product that we can now share with you today.

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If you would like us to send you a free sample of NOMINOË Moisturiser or Night Mask, write to us at info@beautynhealth.com.au.

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