Is juicing the solution to improving your skin?


Why do we constantly try to heal our skin from the outside-in when the opposite should be at the forefront of our minds?

I stopped juicing many months ago due to the labour intensive work required in the aftermath of cleaning the several parts of my Breville juicer. However, I was lucky enough to receive a brand new super potent blender for Christmas suitable for juicing, with only a little rinse of the equipment required used after each use. Used to seeing my reflection in the mirror spelling out “tired” more often than I would like to admit, I woke up this morning wondering why I had an unusual fine glow and noticeably smaller looking pores. After reflecting for a few moments, I realised that the wonderful benefits of juicing were yet again upon me, only after a week or so after recommencing.

I used to juice in the morning before work, as I found during the pregnancy with my first baby that my usual my breakfast cereals were leaving me bloated and sluggish for a few hours. Now I’m a stay at home mum and I juice at lunch time. No more decisions about which boring sandwich to make (ham, cheese or both?) With such a big variety of fruits and vegetables, every day is like a fun expedition into the unknown for my taste buds. It is also a great way to feel fuller for longer, due to the naturally low glycaemic index, particularly in veggies.

So how do juices work such marvels?

Fruits and veggies are at the bottom of the healthy eating pyramid which means our diets should be based on these. They contain a plethora of nutrients including vitamins, enzymes, minerals and antioxidants. They help significantly in the healing process of our bodies by detoxifying it from the detrimental effects of processed foods (chemicals, pesticides, toxins, MSG laden food… must I continue?). Toxins that are not eliminated naturally through the liver frombeing overworked are stored in our SKIN, giving it an unhealthy appearance and issues such as rashes, acne, dermatitis, dullness and wrinkles.

While cooked fruits and veggies eliminate many of the health benefits, juicing conserves them as they are consumed in their raw form.

As a rule of thumb, around 10% of the contents should be leafy greens. These provide the most nutritional benefits per grams of content.

My favourite things to include in a juice:

  1. Carrots- full of antioxidants and collagen boosting, instant glow
  2. Kale or Spinach – Iron, Vitamin K (cancer fighting), Vitamin A (for vision, skin and hair), Vitamin C (immune system and metabolism) Antioxidants (glucose lowering), Omega 3 fatty acids, Fibre (lower blood sugar levels and cholesterol), potassium (cholesterol lowering) and Calcium.
  3. Oranges- add some welcome sweetness, Vitamin C, A, Fibre and Folate.
  4. Celery- Silica (hair and skin beauty), highly cleansing and detoxifying. Liver superfood. Magnesium (reduce stress and sleep tight!)
  5. Lemon- Vitamin C, relief for indigestion or heartburn, Pectin (fibre that helps stave off hunger), alkalising (balances pH levels), diuretic (urinary tract cleanser), great liver cleanser.

I dare you to take on a new challenge this year. Juicing takes habit but once you start seeing the amazing results, you will be hooked for the long term. How better could you help your skin and body?

Yours In Natural Health,