Beta-Carotene For Healthy Summer Skin!


Beta-carotene for healthy summer skin!

Skin health is a sign of good health, so it’s important to work from the inside out if you want that natural, radiant glow.  This summer, make sure to top up on Beta-carotene, the nutrient that will help give you a bright and healthy complexion.

Beta-carotene is an essential nutrient for skin cell repair and growth.  The body converts beta-carotene into vitamin A (retinol) as required. Vitamin A is not only critical for skin health, but it also supports the immune system and good eye health.

Beta-carotene differs from the Vitamin A in supplements and skincare products in that it needs to be converted to the active form of Vitamin A by the body.  The advantage of dietary beta-carotene is that the body only converts as much as it needs.  Too much Vitamin A from supplements can lead to liver toxicity and even cause birth defects in pregnancy.  However, beta-carotene from food is a safe way of getting vitamin A through the diet.

In the summer months, the antioxidant effect of beta-carotene can work as a sunscreen by helping defend the skin against UV rays.  For optimal sun protection, beta-carotene together with topical sunscreen is the way to go.

To boost your beta-carotene levels and get that glowing skin naturally, top up on wholefood sources that are high in this nutrient.  Beta-carotene is a red/orange pigment found in many fresh fruits and vegetables and is also highly concentrated in deep green coloured vegetables.    By eating a combination of golden orange foods and deep green veggies, you’ll have the recipe for a healthy glow that lasts all year round!  So eat plenty of sweet potatoes, apricots, peaches, oranges, carrots, pumpkin, cantaloupe, spinach and kale!  To ensure you have enough beta-carotene in your diet, aim for at least two servings a day of one of the above fruits and/or veggies.

If you’d like to try using beta-carotene topically, try incorporating Apricot Kernel Oil into a home facial. Apricot Kernel Oil is a nourishing oil that is naturally rich in beta-carotene and absorbs easily into the skin.   Also rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E, it’s excellent for all skin types.

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Always consult your healthcare professional before commencing a new dietary or exercise regime, before using any supplements and before making any changes to prescribed medications.

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