Which In-Salon Hair Treatments is best for you?


In salon hair treatments are the answer to your hair woes. While they may seem pricey compared to at home hair treatments, the benefits will far out weight the cost! The ingredients found in salon-only treatments are usually more potent than cheaper store bought products. Investing in salon hair treatments also means you’ll receive a professional diagnosis about your hairs’ needs. Your hair dresser can assess the state of your hair and provide you with a plan for achieving a healthier mane. Best of all, they can provide you with a treatment which suits your hair type to a tee. Covering your locks with a treatment that isn’t suitable for your hair type can compromise the health of your hair, which defeats the purpose all together.

Olaplex is currently one of the most popular hair treatments. This three-part hair treatment is comprised of two in-salon steps and one take home pack. Steps one and two are applied by your colourist, and step three is for you to apply at home in between colouring sessions. This treatment helps to maintain the health of chemically coloured hair, and can even add softness to brittle hair. Make a date with Olaplex at one of our participating salons.

‘Deep conditioning’ or moisture treatments done in a salon can undo months of damage to your precious strands. The hair dresser can assess the damage your hair is facing, and nourish it with the right ingredients. Moisture treatments are extremely beneficial to your hair when they are done regularly. This maintains the quality of your hair and prevents further damage from occurring.

Blondes have more fun, except for when it comes to the upkeep of their hair colour. Maintaining golden locks takes commitment; blonde hair is far more susceptible to damage and can experience unflattering brassy tones. Blonde hair treatments are ideal for hydrating lightened hair and perfecting the colour.  The toner and treatment by Oxygène is specifically designed for light haired ladies; book your blonde self in!

Not only do salon hair treatments target and treat your hair properly, but you’ll also score heavenly head massage – all the more reason to book yourself in for a hair treatment.