How to Keep Glowing After Facial Beauty Treatments


Do you leave the salon or spa after a beauty treatment feeling refreshed, only to find that the day catches up with you all too quickly? Here are a some holistic and natural techniques you can use to help maintain the results of your beauty treatments between visits.

Facial Acupressure Points  

Maintain your glow after facials and beauty treatments by massaging your facial acupressure points. Relaxing the facial muscles can have an immediate effect on the appearance of lines on the face.  Some common acupressure points are all along the underside of the brow bone, either side of the nostrils where the laugh lines begin, and along the hair line.  To find these points simply feel for the slight groove or indentation; they will feel slightly tender to touch. Working on these acupressure points can relieve congestion and relax the facial muscles. They also help improve skin tone by increasing blood circulation and cellular turnover of the skin. Spend a few minutes each morning and night gently massaging the acupressure the points that suit your skin.

Head Massage

You can hold a lot of tension in the scalp which can impact the appearance of the lines on your face. Tension in the scalp can exacerbate wrinkles such as frown lines, as well as causing tension headaches. Tension in the scalp can also decrease circulation to hair follicles, and affect the appearance and volume of your hair. Use both hands to massage your scalp each night by applying gentle massage to any tender spots you come across. This massage assists with releasing tension and pressure in the head which in turn promotes relaxation and softer facial lines. (Ask a friend or family member to give you a head massage for even more relaxation!)

Consider Quitting Sugar

Your skin can be a reflection of your internal health. For a clearer complexion and plumper skin, consider removing refined sugars from your diet. This includes processed foods such as chocolates, packaged sauces, cakes, biscuits, sugary breakfast cereals, cordials, sports drinks and soft drinks. Consuming these foods leads to sharp spikes in sugar levels. Spikes in blood levels sugar cause inflammation in the body, and the release of enzymes that break down collagen and elastin. For a sweet treat, opt for low GI fruit like berries, and focus on how much your skin will benefit!


It's important to drink plenty of water after beauty treatments such as facials and massages. If you’re not a fan of drinking lots of water you can eat foods that have a high water content such as cucumber and celery. Sipping herbal teas also have the same effect. Look for herbal teas with calming qualities such as lavender and chamomile which will help keep you hydrated as well as keeping you feeling especially zen between spa visits. 

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Always consult your healthcare professional before commencing a new dietary or exercise regime, before using any supplements and before making any changes to prescribed medications.

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